An adventure to write home about …

Our Heartland Adventure week was one of fabulous fun and perpetual laughter.
Each day an incredible escapade would unfold, where new friendships were forged, challenges were turned into
stimulating games and adventure and freedom became the way of the day!
To ensure that the kids felt safe and secure, we would keep the structure of each day the same. Our enthusiastic
leaders would begin by encouraging the kids to sing and clap along to our theme songs before engaging in a few
get-to-know-me games.

And then the adventure would begin.

One day we’d be hunting down clues over the vast expanse of land and taking on crazy team challenges.
The next we’d be thrust into our very own Olympic challenge after watching an inspiring story of an Olympic legend
and another, we’d we whisked off on an Adventure with Todd and Boo, our very own Heartland personalities, learning
with them how to build rafts and make a perfect fire!
And that is just a glimpse of our mornings. The afternoons would be taken up with making something fun and creative
like bird-seed feeders after which we embarked on a bird finding mission. Each day the activity was different and
always made use of the natural things around us like sticks and rope to make giant or mini sailing boats which we later
raced on the dam.
But most incredible of all was the fun that the kids had during free time when they were climbing trees or create their
own obstacle courses or playing a game of alien invasion.
Every day was packed with delights and when home time came, they were all desperate to stay.

A wonderful end to a Heartland day!

June Holiday Program

We have had plenty of requests to run our holiday adventure program during the upcoming June / July holidays.
Of course, rain is always an issue as we are an outdoors based operation – but lets not let a little rain stop us …. so for
the brave and not so faint-hearted …. the show will go on!

We are working on some exciting adaptions to the program so there will never be a dull moment!
The only downer about an outdoor winter program is the occasional drenching rains, but that is why we are offering
the un-catered option. If the weather forecast predicts solid rains, we will unfortunately have to cancel – but if there
is just a sprinkling of rain, the kids can come in wellies and rain jackets and will still have a whale of a time.
So be sure to secure your kids places in advance – payment can be made on the day and confirmations will be sent out
the day before.

Looking forward to a wonderful wintry adventure experience.


Tuesday Afternoons from 3pm to 4:30pm  (or stay on so kids can play on)

An incredible opportunity to connect with your kid in a relaxed, rustic outdoor environment.
Our adventure begins with an easy craft time together and later we will use the inspiration from this theme to whisk us away on an outdoor adventure.

The cost is only R145 per kid and guardians come free. A light snack is served with juice and hot drinks.

We also offer a bulk package at R800 for 8 sessions over a term.

Have a look at some of our adventures below;

Blaze a Trail – moms and kids will build a ‘Pool Noodle Pony’ and then enjoy an outride on our pony trail with a mini gymkhana afterward.
Create a Kite – together we will create a colourful kite and then enjoy flying them in the open grass fields.
Float your boat – using string and some sticks gathered from the surrounding forest, we will craft a simple sail boat
which we sill take down to the dam for a little sail boat race.
Treasure Chest – each child will decorate their very own treasure chest and afterwards we will go on a treasure hunt
seeking out special gems and sweets hidden along the way


The Country Club in Tokai is the perfect venue for a Party Adventure.  We have an exciting variety of activities that the kids can choose from to create their very own personalized Birthday Bash.

Our standard party package will include one of the below adventures and we can even customize it to follow your own
The amazing treasure trek – Find the ancient treasure map and follow the clues to find the pot of gold
The incredible contest – Following clues and challenges all in a race against time.
Cool pool noodle challenge – Take on your friends in our Pool Noodles challenges
Boot Camp Bizarre – A fun, active boot camp experience

We also offer an array of creative activities which will be followed by a fun, active adventure;

Treasure Boxes – paint and decorate a treasure box and then enjoy a treasure hunt looking for gems and sweets
Mystical Unicorns – Master your own Unicorn costume and before enjoying a journey along our own mystical trail.
Time to chime – make your own wind chime and then enjoy some crazy games with music and movement
Float your boat – make a pool noodle sail boat and then have fun races on the dam.
Brilliant Bubbles – create the perfect bubble recipe and make your very own giant bubble wand

The cost for any of the above is R195 per kid, based on a minimum of 6 Kids.

This cost includes the venue, two leaders (myself & another) a welcome game, an Adventure / Activity & a small treat.
Party packs and food are an additional cost but we are happy to arrange.
We can also offer a Pony Gymkhana experience at an additional R60 per kid

Please email or call me on 083 289 5915