Adventurers come ...



Come away with us  … come & play

For a morning, an afternoon, or even a day

Come and have fun with us and your friends

At Heartland Adventure where the joy never ends

Come cavort in the days and go home for the nights

But each moment you stay with be packed with delights

Come and try out new things all under the sun

A perfect adventure for everyone.

Location: Tokai, Western Cape


Telephone: 083 289 5915



We are living in a crazy world where kids are under extreme pressure from school and sports and all aspects of life. They are expected to think and reason like little adults right from Grade 1. Heartland Adventure is a place where kids can be kids. Where things that are uncool ‘out there’ are so super cool ‘on camp’. Where fun and adventure is found in the beautiful simplicity of the outdoors rather than in the trappings of technology, indoors.

Situated at the foot of the mountains, just above ‘The Range Conference Centre’ in Tokai, you will find Heartland Adventure.

A humble abode with abundant heart. Heartland Adventure is the perfect place for those who are looking for a truly authentic outdoor adventure experience.

Passionate about children


At heartland, we will keep our groups small enough to be nurturing but large enough for kids to feel a part of a vibrant community. The kids will be cared for by kind, patient and well-trained Mentors, so that the environment is one filled with love, security and heaps of fun.

Our Mentors have been selected because they are passionate about children and they want to have a positive influence on the hearts and minds of your little ones. 

The Mentors form an integral part of your child’s experience at Heartland Adventure and their excitement and enthusiasm creates an atmosphere that is charged with energy, courage and creativity.

Come to Heartland for a totally unforgettable adventure.

Inspired by God
Founded on passion
Centred in love.


Heartland Adventure is run at the foot of the mountains in the Porter Estate.  To access us, you will need to drive into ‘The Range’ and head through the parking around the left side, past the tent and up to the top where you will see the Heartland Banners.  Our Mentors will be there to welcome you and get any outstanding indemnity forms signed before walking your kiddies up to our Heartland ‘Boma’ which is just a few minutes away.

You are welcome to join them for the walk so that you can see where they will be spending their day.


Your precious kids will be nurtured in the best way possible. We have a child to mentor ratio of 7 to 1 and mentors will be present with their group of kids throughout the day.

We have a strict buddy policy which means that no child will be left alone at any time. If a child needs the toilet or needs to collect something from base camp, they will always take a friend with them.


Every child will be required to wear a life jacket while participating in any water-sports no matter how experienced they are at swimming.

All Mentors are trained in First Aid and will be vigilantly on guard during water activities and free time.


Kids must wear clothing that can get dirty and comfortable shoes to run in. Bring a costume, towel and a water bottle and a warm top in case it gets cold.


There will be no cell phones allowed at heartland adventure, apart from those which the Mentors will carry and these will be strictly for safety purposes. This is a technology free zone as our main emphasis is to encourage kids to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors, the simplicities of playing old-school games and the untold joy of socialising face to face with other campers.



Rates & Dates

13 to 15 June | 27 June to 1 July

26 to 30 September

12 to 16 December | 9 to 13 January

Wholesome, outdoor, adventure fun!!!

Our holiday programs are packed with adventure.  Each day has a different theme, and although the adventures hold the same titles, the individual challenges are always different, keeping he kids completely enthralled.

We offer half and full day options:

Half Day – 9am to 12:30pm
Full Day – 9am to 4:30pm

Ages: 5 years to 12 years

Half Day Price – R295 per kid per day
Full Day Price – R450 per kid per day

Friday mornings 10am to 12pm

Our Life Skills through Adventure is a ‘funtastic’ program, which gets kids thinking, communicating, interacting and most of all adventuring in the beautiful outdoors.  Each month, we focus on a different ‘life skill’ for which we hold two Adventure Sessions and two Creative Sessions on alternate Fridays. Our ADVENTURE SESSION is the foundation session which introduces the skill and disentangles it through stories, games and adventures. 

Our CREATIVE SESSION is an extension of the Adventure session but is also suitable as a stand-alone.  It goes deeper into the Life Skill by means of more creative-type activities.

Kids need not sign up for all the sessions but if you would like the consistency, then this is a great way to learn each Life Skill comprehensively,  and have a session every Friday as opposed to every second Friday.

Rate: R120 per kid per session (Ad Hock)
R1100 per kid per term (R100 per session)

Every second Sunday 10am to 11am

There is nothing like worshipping under Gods great blue sky.  We meet twice a month, with our first session being a WORSHIP AND WORD session and our second session being a CREATION AND ADVENTURE session.

Parents are very welcome to stay or drop and go. Our Worship and Word sessions are taken from the wonderful bible stories written by Arthur Maxwell and the Creation and Adventure sessions follow the ‘How Great is our God’ devotions, written by Louie Giglio.

The sessions are an hour long, from 10am to 11am and there is absolutely no charge.

8 May – Worship and Word
22 May – Creation and Adventure
5 June – Worship and Word
19 June – Creation and Adventure
10 July – Worship and Word
24 July – Creation and Adventure
7 August – Worship and Word
21 August – Creation and Adventure
4 September – Worship and Word
18 September – Creation and Adventure
9 October – Worship and Word
23 October – Creation and Adventure
6 November – Worship and Word
20 November – Creation and Adventure
4 December – Worship and Word
18 December – Creation and Adventure

Thursday afternoons 3pm to 5pm

 Our Survival Skills program has been a wild success! We follow a ‘scout-type’ program where kids are taught all sorts of survival skills.  Each month has a theme of its own, such as marksmanship, hunting and fishing, orienteering, first aid, planting, animal spoor, tying knots and a host of other skills that would help kids survive in the great outback.

Rate: R120 per kid per session (Ad Hock)
R1100 per kid per term (R100 per session)

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Heartland is the perfect spot for an epic Adventure Party.

We have a great array of themes and adventures which will be sure to make every party a raging success.  Download our ‘Birthday Booking Form’ for an overview of all the themes and adventures that are on offer.

Price:  R195 per kid, with a minimum of 8 kids.

Additional R50 per kid for a Creative Craft.

Wednesday mornings 10am to 12pm

An outdoor learning experience, following  ‘The Good and the Beautiful’ science units.  Each course is run over two terms.  The sessions are informative, fun and full of wonder.

Mammals (14 sessions)

Arthropods (14 sessions)

Rate: R1400 per kid per course (R100 per session)

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Activities on offer

All in a day

At Heartland, our days are broken up into three ‘Fun Times’ namely Adventure Time, Free Time and Activity Time. These fun times are separated up by meal times and snack times.

Adventure Time

The morning ‘Adventure Time’ encourages the kids to complete a number of exciting and fun challenges all in a friendly and nurturing environment.  It is all about team-work with a healthy competitive spirit at the heart of it.

Amazing Race | Against the Wild | An Epic Quest |  A Water Fun Day | Rainbow Treasure Trek

Free Time

The ‘Free Time’ is an hour where kids can completely relax, read a book, chat or get involved in recreational sport and games.  There will be no pressure to participate and each day can be completely different. Our world is so filled with structure, pressure to perform in everything from academics and sport and even socialising.  Here at Heartland, we will strive to remove all pressure and structure so that kids can actually get bored – and then of course look forward to their up-coming Activity Time.

Activity Time

The ‘Activity Time’ is when kids get to choose an activity according to their personal interests and talents. Kids are invited to choose their activity each day so that they get to choose how their Heartland experience plays out.

Activities include:

  • Creative Crafting
  • Fun Boot Camp
  • Make and Master
  • Pony Time

On a Mission


Nurture. Nature. Adventure

Our mission and purpose is to provide a wonderful solution for those working moms who are unable to be with their kids over the school holidays.

We will provide a healthy environment for your kids to play, explore and re-discover a passion for the outdoors.

Heartland Adventure is founded on these three tenets:


Heartland is a place where your kids will arrive as guests and leave as family.
We commit to love them, have heaps of fun with them and keep them safe.
Your kids will meet new friends, be encouraged by their peers and feel entirely loved by their leaders and mentors.


Heartland is a place that displays the beauty of the mountains, the treasure of water and the freedom of the outdoors. A place where your kids will feel the sun on their face and dirt underfoot. We will remind them that the simplest things in life are often the most enjoyable and we will give them endless opportunities to have fun fun fun.


Heartland is a place where you kids will be given endless opportunities to explore, experience and enjoy new adventures, activities and delights. They will be encouraged to be creative in their outdoor play, to be fearless in their adventure and be completely child-like in their approach towards the group games and ice-breakers.


Christian Code

Heartland Adventure is a God-inspired venture and He will be welcomed at the heart of everything that we do.  Although it may not always be spoken, we will at times take an opportunity to give thanks for His awesome creation which we enjoy as our playground for the week.

Although we are not a Christian camp as such, the mentors and leaders will pray and trust that God is with us in everything that we do. As part of the program, we will sing grace before meals and prayers before bed-time.  Children may choose to participate in these songs or not.

Birthday Parties

Heartland is the perfect venue for a Party Adventure.  We have a variety of activities that you could include over and above the amazing adventure which could be any of our standard adventure experiences or we could create a unique adventure experience just for the Birthday Boy or Girl.

Our base price is R210 per kid, based on a minimum of 10 Kids.  Included in the price is an adventure of choice and light refreshments.

Kids get Creative


An adventure experience which is run through Adventure Clubs.  It provides an incredible opportunity for moms / guardians to enjoy a creative experience with their little ones and also participate in or support a fun activity afterwards. 

Adventures include:

Your Trick Puppy – moms and kids will create a pair of perfect puppy ears and then the kids will participate in a Trick puppy show with moms and guardians cheering them on – or participating too!  

Blaze a Trail – moms and kids will build a ‘Noodle Horse’ and then enjoy an outride on our pony trail and further afield.

Our price will be R145 per kid | Moms / guardians free. Light refreshments are included. Winter special: R 100 per kid.

Get In Touch

Location: Tokai, Western Cape

Telephone: 083 289 5915


Facebook: @heartlandadventure